Dr. Bruce S. Appelbaum - Principle

Dr. Appelbaum has over forty years experience in the oil and gas industry and is dedicated to helping clients make the right investment opportunities through knowledgeable and trusted technical analysis. Bruce has enjoyed a successful career in the industry, including work with majors such as Chevron/Texaco and serving on the Board of Directors of CQS Rig Finance Fund and Input Output Inc.

In addition, he is a Distinguished Trustee of the American Geosciences Institute Foundation, and has been an advisor to the Department of Oceanography at Texas A&M University and the School of Earth Sciences at Stanford University. He is a Trustee Associate of the American Association of Petroleum Geologists and a Certified Petroleum Geologist. He also serves on the Dean's Advisory Counsel at he State University of New York at Buffalo.

Bruce served as Chairman of Mosaic Natural Resources Ltd., an oil and gas exploration and production company focusing on opportunities in the North Sea. Prior to co-founding Mosaic Natural Resources, Dr. Appelbaum was President of Worldwide Exploration and New Ventures for Texaco, Inc. and a Vice President of Texaco. His offshore experience included leading the company’s large business in the Gulf of Mexico. Dr. Appelbaum joined Texaco in 1990 as Division Manager of Texaco U.S.A.'s offshore exploration division and was elected an officer of Texaco in 2000. He built highly successful programs and was promoted through several positions of increasing responsibility culminating in his election as an officer of Texaco, Inc. and designation as President of Worldwide Exploration and New Ventures. Prior to his arrival at Texaco, Dr. Appelbaum built successful exploration and producing programs at several independents, including Union Pacific Resources and SEDCO Energy.


Education / Background

Bachelor of Science in Geology - State University of New York - Buffalo
Master of Science in Geological Oceanography - Texas A&M University
Doctorate in Geological Oceanography - Texas A&M University
Executive Development Program - Cornell University